Data Driven Tekken 7 Backdash Tier List

By on February 4, 2020

The Korean Backdash is a technique in Tekken 7 that is essential to be a top player. The technique cancels the recovery of any character’s backdash, allowing another one to follow quickly. Chaining together KBD’s allows players to create distance with an opponent fast and can cause them to miss attacks.

An unknown person who runs has calculated the characters Korean backdash potential and charted it. The methodology he used for this tier list is listed as follows:

  1. Practice mode, vs bot of same character
  2. Bot set to reset in grounded state, to prevent backsway
  3. Reset position, and measure the starting distance at a fixed point in the idle cycle
  4. For 0 ≤ n < ~17, use a macro to:
    1. Reset position
    2. Backdash 5 times by inputting b~n~b,d all 1 frame apart, with an extra n frames before pressing d
    3. Measure the distance at the fixed point in the idle cycle

The results show Zafina being the ultimate backdasher in SS tier with Alisa following shortly behind in S tier.

See the full Korean Backdash tier list below:

For the full report, check out the page here.

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