Chris “HellPockets” Fields Visits The Meta Abe Podcast to Talk About Life and Fighting Games

By on May 18, 2020

If you’re a fighting game fan, there’s an excellent chance that you’ve heard Chris “HellPockets” Fields’s voice. At the Evolution Championship Series in 2015, his legendary call during the Guilty Gear Xrd top eight helped to make “Woshige, no!” an iconic moment. Fields always brings energy and feeling to his work, making him a vital part of the community’s biggest events.

Recently, he sat down to talk about his life with Meta Abe on the latter’s podcast. While the two do talk fighting games, some of the episode’s best material is simply the human story of how Fields grew up and learned to find his place in the world. Any time a community member opens up like this, it’s something to be treasured. So listen to the full episode below, then follow Fields (Twitter, Twitch) and check out the rest of the in-depth fighting game content on the Game Goons YouTube channel.

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