Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin Revealed for Guilty Gear 2020

A ton of information about GG2020 has been revealed on this livestream
By on November 3, 2019

Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin revealed for Guilty Gear 2020.

The ArcSystemWorks live stream showed the new character trailers, game play, and info about the game.

A closed beta was announced to be coming soon. Playing the demo at Arc Revo America will get you a voucher to guarantee access to the beta. Other opportunities for beta access will be announced in the future.

The title track, “Smell of the Game” is available on Spotify


See the trailer for Chipp and Potemkin here:


In the Q&A some key questions were answered:

English Questions

  • Will there be rollback netcode?
    • They are aware of fan requests, but can’t say anything yet.
  • Will there be Dangertime?
    • No
  • Will there be Crossplay?
    • The answer is above their pay grade
  • How early in development is the game?
    • There may be more moves added in the game. It is still very early in development.
    • Input is encouraged as it is very possible to incorporate feedback at this point.
  • Why did the devs choose to incorporate easy air blocking?
    • They wanted beginners to not be concerned about air Faultless Defense (FD) as requirement. They didn’t want flowchart usage for always using FD in the air.
  • What is the design philosophy behind dust? Why does it only combo on Counter Hit? It seems more like a punishment for landing the normal hit since they fly away.
    • Dust is much faster in this game, so it is still strong especially at mid-screen.
  • Will RISC play a bigger role in the game?
    • Managing RISC will be much more important than before.
  • What is the purpose of Faultless Defense?
    • It will be used more for mitigating the RISC as opposed to using it for air block.
  • Will there be chip kill?
    • No chip kills
  • Is it possible to change the lack of chip kills?
    • It is still early in development so they’ll listen to feedback.
  • What ideas were considered about what makes a fighting game fun?
    • All the devs have their answers, but ultimately it’s Daisuke’s vision
  • Will there be Blitz or Dead Angle?
    • Neither, but you can Roman Cancel (RC) while blocking. It is like a mini burst, but it can be blocked and punished.
  • How is RC different in this game?
    • There are a lot of different types of RC. One is a dash RC mechanic, which is shown when you see double of the character.
  • How do you do Ukemi/Tech? Is it by holding the button or tapping?
    • No air ukemi/tech. Some air hits will cause characters to float and are comboable. Otherwise characters will land on the ground.
  • Is there stun in the game?
    • No
  • Is there instant kills?
    • Very likely. It is not implemented in this build.


JP Questions

  • What was the animal that Chipp was summoning?
    • Watch the YouTube clip
  • Will wake up timing be the same for all characters?
    • Wake up timings are standardized.
  • Are throws still 1 frame?
    • Normal Throws are not 1 frame and have a whiff animation
  • Will there will be negative penalty?
    • Yes
  • How important is the corner game?
    • You can get a lot of damage and have a lot of button combinations that will work

See the full live stream below:


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