BornFree Interviews Maximilian Dood – The Biggest FGC Content Creator

Check out the first half of this 2 part interview
By on August 8, 2019

BornFree (@bornfreetweets) interviews Maximilian Dood (@maximilian_) at Evolution 2019 to talk content and Capcom.

Maximilian Dood is an S tier content creator that has a popular YouTube and Twitch channel. He blew up in popularity with his Marvel vs Capcom 3 themed skits and tutorials, dubbed “Assist Me”, and has continually grown since then. He’s an amazing ambassador for the gaming community to show why fighting games are so great.

Find out what Max thinks about the current state of Capcom fighting games. How has his content creation and team evolved to grow his channel to 1m subs? What is Max’s process to create his videos?


You can watch part 2 here.


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*This article was posted with permission from the original content creator

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