Black Dahlia Announced for Skullgirls at CEO 2021

After the CEO 2021 Skullgirls bracket concluded, Black Dahlia was announced alongside Umbrella’s release window.
By on December 6, 2021

It was an eventful weekend for Skullgirls fans. CEO 2021 featured an intense top eight, including players like Dekillsage, Cloud, and Gelato. Grand finals came down to an intense set between Dekillsage and Cloud, with Dekillsage claiming the belt for the weekend. After the fact, CEO founder Alex Jebailey took the stage to share that he had an announcement video for everyone. 

The announcement did not disappoint. The Skullgirls team revealed a completed Umbrella, featuring fully animated special moves and a release window. According to the trailer, Umbrella and Hungern will be “bringing the salt” in early 2022. This was not the end of the video, however.

The final frames of the trailer revealed that the third character of Skullgirls’ season pass will be none other than Black Dahlia. Framed as a character who will “kill the competition”, Black Dahlia is an assassin and enforcer in the lore. She infamously delivered the killing blow to popular character Squigly, so it’ll be interesting to hear voice lines as that matchup plays out in-game. 

Umbrella, who has been in the testing phase for some time, is a welcome addition to the cast as well. Her gameplay revolves around her insatiable umbrella, Hungern. Hungern utilizes a series of command grabs to consume enemies and stay full. The announcement video featured tips for future Umbrella mains, the first of which was to always “feed Hungern regularly”. Whether she’ll be powerful in the context of the cast remains to be seen, but Skullgirls tends to be a well-balanced game so she’ll likely be viable. 

View the full reveal video below. 

Skullgirls is available on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox. Skullgirls Mobile is also available for iOS and Android devices.

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