Arya Tayebi Shares His Tekken 7 Season 3 Patch Notes Tier List

See who he thinks the winners and losers are from this patch
By on September 12, 2019

*we’ve updated this article to show an updated tier list

Arya Tayebi (@aryatayebi) from That Blasted Salami has shared his tier list for who got the most out of the latest Season 3 patch in Tekken 7.

If you don’t understand what the changes might exactly mean when reading the full patch notes, this may help you gauge the results of the patch.

That Blasted Salami is an amazing YouTube channel focused on tutorials for Tekken 7. Their extremely high level of production and succinct explanations for learning Tekken 7 make this a must subscribe channel for anyone that wants to learn the game.

Check out the updated list here:

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