Arslan Ash Unanimously Named ESPN eSports Player of the Year

By on December 23, 2019

Arslan Ash (@ArslanAsh95) is unanimously named as ESPN’s eSports player of the year.

The Tekken community had a long established hierarchy of skill, Korea on top and then everyone else. When Arslan Ash dominated both EVO Japan and the Evolution Championship Series in 2019, he flipped this paradigm upside down.

Knee is considered the best Tekken player in Korea. He has a long history of dominating most tournaments that he has attended and is cemented in Tekken legend as a god. But this past year Arslan drew blood and defeated Knee twice at two of the toughest Tekken tournaments in the world.

At EVO Japan, Arslan faced off against Knee in the group stages and defeated him.

EVO Japan 2019 – Knee vs Arslan Ash

EVO Japan 2019 – Arslan Ash vs AK


Knee got his rematch with Arslan at EVO 2019 in the grand finals.

EVO 2019 – Arslan Ash vs Knee


Amazing job Arslan, you totally deserve this title.

See the full feature below:

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