Anji Mito Reveal Character Trailer for Guilty Gear Strive

The man with the fans makes his return to GG in style
By on December 31, 2020

Anji Mito has been announced as part of the initial roster for Guilty Gear Strive.

Anji is one of the few Japanese survivors in the world of Guilty Gear. He’s a free spirit that didn’t like being locked down in the Japanese Colony and decided to go explore the world. He also became curious about “That Man” due to his connection with the Gears and decides to hunt him down. He has with him the Zessen, which is a powerful artifact weapon that is in the form of fans. The last time we saw him in Guilty Gear XX, he was working with That Man to forcefully bring back I-no to him. Afterwards, he runs into Baiken and decides to cut his ties with That Man to avoid a fight and go along with her.

Anji’s play style in older Guilty Gear games revolved around his usage of a butterfly projectile that has 2 delayed hits that locks the opponent down for mixups. Anji also utilizes armor on his moves to strategically blow up people who get predictable. It seems for Strive that too much has not changed. He still has his armored dashing attack but it seems to also come with a non attack option to pass through attacks.

Check out the reveal trailer here below:

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