AnimEVO Online 2020 Weekend 2 Games and Schedule

Catch more anime fighting game action with 6 more games this weekend
By on August 11, 2020

AnimEVO Online 2020 is getting geared up for its second weekend of anime fighting game action.

This coming weekend will have some global competition that includes the Japanese and South American scenes to compete in some of their favorite games.

Registration for all games are open until the day of their respective tournaments. So you can still register to compete here.

Check out the schedule of games and what streams they will be playing on here:


  • Blazblue Central Fiction (Japan) – 6pm PST –
  • Vampire Savior (South America) – 6:30pm PST –
  • Melty Blood: AACC (NA West Coast) – 7pm PST –
  • Fight of Animals (Asia) – 9pm PST –


  • Nitroplus Blasterz (North America) – 1pm PST –
  • Vampire Savior (North America) – 1pm PST –
  • Blazblue Central Fiction (NA West Coast) – 2pm PST –


  • Windjammers (Global) – 8am PST – &
  • Blazblue Central Fiction (NA East Coast) – 2pm PST –

Source: AnimEVO

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