Akira Kazama Teaser Trailer for Street Fighter V Released

By on April 6, 2021

Capcom dropped a teaser to finally show Akira Kazama in-game for Street Fighter V.

Akira Kazama is a character from the Rival Schools/Project Justice series. She and her brother, Daigo, are orphans that are taken in by a motorcycle mechanic that is a friend of their parents. She dresses up in her motorcycle gear with a helmet to pose as a boy to enter Gedo High to find out why her brother had gone missing during his investigation of school kidnappings.

Akira is bringing a lot of her toolkit from her days in Rival Schools. She has the signature moves like her Rekka, swiping kicks, and the rising Dragon Punch kick. She also has the universal launcher from Rival Schools that sends the opponent very high in the sky to combo then spike them back down. One of her V-Triggers seems to add additional attacks to her combo strings which can give her more damage potential and corner carry. Her overall play style seems very aggressive with forward moving attacks and focused on combos to dish out big damage.

In the end, Akira’s older brother, Daigo Kazama, flies in to blow up the opponent in what seems like one of her V-Trigger activations.

Check out the full Akira character trailer below:


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