3 JP Top Street Fighter V Players Share Their Tier List for Season 5

Fujimura, Momochi, and Johnny give their collective list
By on January 4, 2020

Japanese top Street Fighter V players shared their thoughts on the season 5 tiers.

Fujimura, Momochi, and Johnny streamed on Shinobi Gaming to give their collective thoughts on who are the strongest characters in Street Fighter V season 5. The tip top S tier has Rashid and Abigail which falls in line with other JP players on KachitagariTV and TopangaTV. Rashid was already an S tier character in season 4 and with his new V-Skill 2 giving him essentially an air dash, is making him to seem even stronger than before. Abigail has gotten some good buffs, namely his health and V-Skill 2 that give him a ton of mix-up options.

See their full tier list below:

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